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Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

By Adam Pritchard

On Thursday 12 November at 10am we are hosting a free webinar, Are You Leaving Money on the Table? Invest in Changing Your Relationship with your Accountant, as part of the Leicester Business Festival. 

We'll be talking about how UK business owners are leaving profit on the table and how the relationship business owners have with their accountant can change that.

The modern accountancy practice is capable of adding so much more value than traditionally perceived and the old, balding pencil pushers of yester-year are being replaced by hungry, tech savvy visionaries that are redefining what it means to be a financial service provider to small business at scale.

Accountancy has irrevocably changed in recent years, the ascendance of cloud technology and the increased consumer trends toward real time information and insights has meant that to be an effective accountant you now need to be a leader, a fintech and a content house as well as a professionally qualified accountant

This webinar will break down what business owners should expect from their accountant and at what cost. It will provide clarity and context for business owners to make an informed judgement on the services and support they are being provided with.

We will explore how technology has revolutionised the role and services provided by UK accountants as well the macro environment, industry trends, and common tech stacks that the modern accountant can leverage for the benefit of their client base.

In doing so business owners will learn about the accountant they have versus the accountant they want, and will see first hand how redefining your relationship with your accountant can add to the bottom line of a business.

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